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What do you do for a child that is not doing well in school? How do you determine if he or she has a learning disability that will put them behind in school or make learning a struggle for the rest of their educational careers? I have four kids, one of which has a very tough time learning. We have worked with several professionals to determine what was causing the problems that he was having and to find ways to make learning easier for him. If you have a child that is going through a tough time trying to learn, visit my blog.

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3 Reasons Montessori High School Students Spend More Time In Nature

When Maria Montessori created the Montessori method, she concentrated on young learners. Many Montessori schools offer only the traditional Montessori learning groups, from age 0-14, and there are limited options for a full K-12 Montessori education. However, if you do find a Montessori high school in your area, you may be surprised by the number of field trips your child takes or the location of the school. While you might assume that the Montessori method would encourage teenagers to be active in a thriving city, there are several reasons why the Montessori method works well in remote areas for older learners. 

Reduce the Stress Associated With the City 

Many teenagers feel large amounts of stress when they are in the city. They are caught between being an adult and being a child, meaning they are trying to figure out their responsibilities and exercise greater freedom. They may feel stress from their family, friends, and school environment. By removing the teenager from the city environment, you can reduce their stress and allow them greater freedom to concentrate on their education and interests.  

Give Extended Opportunities for Teenagers to Complete Physical Tasks 

The Montessori method tends to focus on hands-on activities that show concrete results. As a child grows into a teenager, it can be difficult to supply these types of activities in a classroom. However, in nature, a teenager can experience growing and harvesting food, building shelters, and other hands-on activities that will broaden their life experience and give them a feeling of accomplishment. 

Nature Time Can Be Combined With an Apprenticeship in the City 

As a Montessori child becomes a teenager, their interests will continue to guide their education. During the final years of high school, it is likely that they will develop a professional interest and may seek out an internship or apprenticeship as part of their education. While this can be done in the city, keeping the classroom in a remote location allows the child to have a greater variety of experiences. 

Because Montessori education (such as Country Day School) is child-focused, it makes sense that high schools would have a lot of variety. A Montessori high school should allow teenagers to focus on a variety of topics that are interesting to each individual. However, the school should also provide plenty of physical, hands-on experiences. For high school students, this generally means even more time spent in nature at a remote facility.