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What do you do for a child that is not doing well in school? How do you determine if he or she has a learning disability that will put them behind in school or make learning a struggle for the rest of their educational careers? I have four kids, one of which has a very tough time learning. We have worked with several professionals to determine what was causing the problems that he was having and to find ways to make learning easier for him. If you have a child that is going through a tough time trying to learn, visit my blog.

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Moving To A New Town And Teen Starting Private School Mid-Year? Tips To Get Them Through

If you are moving to a new town, and your teen will be moving to a new private school, this can be a difficult time for them. It is an even more difficult time if they will be starting their new school in the middle of the year. To help your teen get through this time, follow the tips below.

Arrange a Visit

Contact the school official to see if you can arrange for your child to visit the school for at least one day. This allows your teen to become a little familiar with the school, the teachers, and the other students. The new school may be setup completely different. For example, your teen could currently be on a block schedule at their old school, and the new school may go by a more traditional schedule. Having to take more classes each day could be hard to get used to. Knowing this information beforehand is much better than finding out how different things will be with classes when they start.

Use Social Media

Most high schools have a website, which may link to one of their social media pages. Your child will likely find students this way. There also may be other social media pages that a group of kids set up on their own. Your child can ask students about this on the school's main social media page.

This allows your child to "talk" to other students online, which can help them get to know them better. They could schedule to meet on their first day of school so they will not feel so alone. Your child could also ask them questions about the school so they will have a little more information before they start, such as information about the teachers, sports, and more.

Become Involved

Ask your teen to become involved in things early, such as a joining a sports team, activity, club, band, choir, etc. This will allow them to get to know people more quickly, as they will be with kids that have similar interests. A group of kids like this often become very close, and they will likely accept your child into their group.

Have Someone to Sit with at Lunchtime

One of the worst feelings your child could have is walking in the cafeteria with their tray or lunch bag in their hand and have no one to sit with. They would likely then go to a table and sit by themselves, which can make them very uncomfortable. Ask your child to ask someone, such as someone they have talked to in one of their classes, or someone from one of the groups they joined if they can sit with them at lunch.

Your child will get through this difficult time in their life, and before you know it, they will have a lot of friends and be very happy.

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