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What do you do for a child that is not doing well in school? How do you determine if he or she has a learning disability that will put them behind in school or make learning a struggle for the rest of their educational careers? I have four kids, one of which has a very tough time learning. We have worked with several professionals to determine what was causing the problems that he was having and to find ways to make learning easier for him. If you have a child that is going through a tough time trying to learn, visit my blog.

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4 Reasons To Select A Single-Gender School For Your Child

If you feel like your daughter has low self-confidence, struggles to speak her mind, or is unable to cultivate her natural abilities, a single-gender school may be a better fit for her needs. An all-girls Catholic school can give your daughter the environment she needs to thrive. Check out a few compelling reasons that a single-gender school may be better for your daughter's education and personal development.

1. Single-Gender Schools Encourage Girls to Take on Every Possible Role

Since an all-girls school only has female students, girls occupy literally every role in the school, such as the spot of valedictorian, the lead in the school play, the team captain, or class president. This type of environment will aid your daughter in comprehending that she is capable of achieving whatever goal she sets and that her gender should never limit how far she goes in life.

2. An All-Girls School Provides a Supportive Setting for Your Daughter to Have Her Voice Heard

In a conventional school, whether intentionally or unintentionally, it is easy for the voice of female students to be overpowered by that of their male peers. Teachers may neglect to encourage their girl students to speak their opinions or to attempt difficult classwork.

Many attendees of an all-girl school find that a single-gender classroom is a more comfortable setting for speaking their minds. There are no concerns about coming off as too bold; instead, the environment encourages girls to take chances and stand up for their beliefs.

3. A Single-Gender School Removes Some of the Pressure to Date or Enter a Relationship

At some high schools, there is a high level of pressure to have a boyfriend or go out on regular dates. Social groups and popularity levels may be tied to who you go out with instead of your personality or who you enjoy being with. Though there is nothing inherently wrong with dating someone at your school, some girls may find that relationship concerns hinder their academic development.

A single-gender school helps your daughter push aside thoughts of dating and romance during the school day. She won't have to worry that her opinion will offend a potential boyfriend or that her class choices will hurt her relationship options. An all-girls school enables your daughter to make decisions that are best for her personal development rather than her social life. 

4. There is a High Level of Support for Athletics and Extracurricular Activities

An all-girls school encourages its students to show support for each other. Girls' sports and activities tend to have an immense level of support from their peers and school administrators. This support includes adequate funding and training facilities.